Horror on The Orient Express

The Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits welcomes you aboard the Orient Express. We pride oursevles on our incomparable service. When you ride the Orient-Express you experience the ultimate in luxury travel.

Welcome to the campaign wiki. This is a very long and involving campaign so please make sure to take detailed notes and take full use of the wiki and adventure log. I’ll be adding plenty myself but it’ll be more helpful for you if you take your own notes. This campaign is deadly so real fast here’s some stuff to keep in mind.


This campaign is really suited to a new group of investigators made for this campaign and some skills are more important than others and will be incredibly useful to have. Library Use is always important. Languages such as French, Italian, German, Arabic, Persian, and Latin are also very useful. Communication skills like Charm, Fast Talk, Persuade are always helpful. Confrontations are inevitable so having combat skills will be good.

Be Proactive

This is a long campaign and very investigation focused. So it’s important that everyone is pushing forward and trying to explore new leads and follow up on evidence. The game is set on a literal railroad but the game doesn’t have to feel so railroad-y. There are a lot of paths to take and a lot of different approaches you can take to solve problems as they come up so experiment and try whatever you think of. Not everything will work out perfectly but it’ll be fun and push the story forward.

Read The Handouts

Handouts are super important. They contain a lot of information about people, places, and, events happening in the campaign. So please read all of the handouts once or twice and take notes about them. Follow up on what you learn and use the information in the handouts to figure out what you wanna investigate next.

Now that we got that out of the way the most important thing is that the campaign is fun. If you aren’t having fun please tell me and tell me why. If it’s something that can be fixed then I want to know so I can adjust the game to make it fun for you. I really wanna try and get through this campaign and it is really long so it’s important that we’re enjoying it and want to keep going. So if there’s anything that I can do to make the game more enjoyable for you or if I need to adjust how I’m running the game then let me know. I am not a perfect GM but I do want the game to be fun and feedback is always nice so I know how I can improve.

Click here to head to the main page and add whatever you would like. This is wiki is for all of us so add anything you’d like.

Horror on The Orient Express

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